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Raul Piaggio

Raul Piaggio is a PhD Student at Iowa State University, since August 2002.

Raul Piaggio's personal web page.

Raul's research interests are focused on the following fields:

Computational Biology. especially interested in evolutionary problems, i.e. algorithmic phylogenetic tree construction. He is Currently working on Dr. Oliver Eulenstein's computational biology lab, on supertree construction methods.

Complex Adaptive Systems. He is interested in evolution and the emergence of traits and behaviors, mainly in nature but also in simulations.

Raul has worked on the following project:

Bounding an MRF Heuristic, final project for Com S 550 (Evolutionary Problems for Computational Biologists), Fall 2002.

Overview of Molecular Phylogenetics, final project for BCB 495 (Molecular Biology for Computational Scientists), Fall 2002.

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